BR Welcomes New CEO

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4, 2017 rendered itself an exciting day for Botswana Railways staff as they gathered to witness the introduction of their new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Leonard Musa Makwinja.

Gathered in the Mahalapye Headquarters ground floor Human Capital Corridor, one could hear murmurs of anticipation and excitement from a distance. People had come from all corners of the station to bear witness a moment to be marked in the history of Botswana Railways.

Led by Botswana Railways Board Chairman Mr. Adolph C. Hirschfeld, the Executive Committee glide its way to the front of the masses to deliver the news. “We take this moment to welcome Mr. Makwinja, to the Botswana Railways family” said Mr. Hirschfeld

He continued to share on the meticulous process of hiring Mr. Makwinja. The gathering was informed that there were initially 18 aspirants with the number dropping to 5 through the selection process and subsequently 3 top contenders for the Botswana Railways Chief Executive position, Mr. Makwinja being one of them”.

He further noted that after rigorous consideration, Mr. Leonard M. Makwinja emerged victorious. He brings the required qualifications with both Finance and Engineering background and vast amount of experience” noted the BR Board Chairperson.

For the past year and a half, the organization has been through its fair share of challenges including but not limited to bad publicity and loss in tonnage which as would be  expected stirred a lot of uncertainty amongst  employees. The uncertainty was abated by the Board Chairman’s proclamation that the new CEO has been brought aboard and his top agenda items are to unify the workforce and stabilize the company both financially and Governance wise.

In his remarks the new Chief Executive Officer Mr. Leonard M. Makwinja expressed pleasure at joining the Botswana Railways family. “I am delighted and feel privileged to be joining Botswana Railways, as I am new I still have to see and learn how Botswana Railways works, of cause with the help of each and everyone of you” he said.

Members of staff took the opportunity to welcome the Chief and promised their outmost support every step of the way. “As you might be aware Botswana Railways runs a very unique business, the only one in Botswana and as  expected there will be challenges but the BR team promises you all the support you will need” one said.

Mr. Makwinja is with the organization on a 3-year contract. Prior to joining Botswana Railways, Mr. Makwinja sat in many Boards including that of Botswana Telecommunications Corporation.


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