Botswana Railways Graces Prisons Graduation

Monday, June 26, 2017

When the Botswana Prisons Service celebrated the Pass out parade of Initial Prison Officer’s Course Class 1 of 2016 on the 26th June 2017 at the Mahalapye Prisons Staff College, Botswana Railways cognizant of its status in Mahalapye and in acknowledgement of the fact that they exist with other institutions within the same community, honored the invite to witness the event.

The company’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr. Stephen Makuke and Director Human Capital, Mr Lethogonolo M Bantsi were present at the event to share the memorable day with Prisons. The day’s festivities stretched from awarding the best performers to different marches by the grandaunts as well as a few folklore performances by the clearly ecstatic students.

These celebrations come at a time when the Botswana Prisons Services are still dealing with major backlash after the escape of convicts from the Francistown Prisons as noted by the Commander Mr. Silas Motlalekgosi. He added that it was time for them to pull up their socks in making sure that the rehabilitation center does its duty of insuring that convicts serve their custodial sentences and are released as better people who can easily integrate with communities within which they existed prior to their condemnation. He also noted that it was an undeniable fact that the Botswana Communities stigmatize ex-convicts thus making is difficult for them (ex-convicts) to cope with life outside prison due to suspicious treatment, they are accorded even by those that expectedly should support and love them unconditionally. He shared that they are working tirelessly to rectify and improve the situation by the programs and initiatives they have put in place.

The day ended with the dignitaries and the now official employees of the Botswana Prisons Service handing over a project in Boseja Ward, Mahalapye, a house constructed for a needy family identified with the assistance of Social Services.

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