Public Safety Tips


        Public Safety Tips These 10 simple rules can SAVE life!

  • Cross railway lines at a marked crossing only
  • Stop one step back from the edge of the crossing before looking and listening in all directions for approaching trains
  • Cross the railway line only when the tracks are clear and there are no approaching trains
  • If a train is coming, wait for it to pass, then stop, look, listen and think again before crossing. Another train may be coming.
  • Do not try to “beat” the boom gate as it closes for approaching train
  • Always obey all warning signs
  • Never park near railway line as you may obstruct other people Never jump fences, gates or barriers at level crossings
  • Never force pedestrian barriers open or use the emergency escape to enter pedestrian crossings, except in case of an emergency
  • Hold the hand of children when crossing railway lines We run Safety Campaigns regularly to raise awareness and reduces risk of accidents along the railway network involving both vehicles and pedestrians.


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