Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Botswana Railways (BR) recognizes its responsibility as a corporate citizen towards its stakeholders and the communities within which it operates.  Therefore, BR has a firm belief that through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) program, it can build customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values. BR has identified four key areas which it focuses on through its CSI Policy. 

It is expected that in the end, Botswana Railways’ commitment to uplifting the lives of the less privileged members of the community will be met.  In most instances we encourage our team players to get involved in community projects with the aim of creating a more empathetic workforce that sympathizes with the daily challenges faced by the communities they serve. 


We augment government’s educational institutions at primary and at secondary school level by supporting activities that deal with:

  • Information Technology
  • Maths, Science and Setswana
  • School building (pre-school) and equipping
  • Outreach programs

Through our support to educational programs, we are able to contribute to building an educated and informed nation that is also prosperous, productive and innovative in line with the Long Term Vision for Botswana.

Conservation and the Environment

Support is given to conservation initiatives and towards raising awareness in environmental awareness projects.


A variety of sporting codes that are at grassroots level are the only programs that we support through training, development and sponsorship.

Community Development and Support

We support activities related to health and social welfare, with a particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness programs which are aligned to the government’s programs.  We also participate in medical, primary healthcare and welfare projects.


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