Botswana Railways In Solidarity With Teachers

Friday, June 2, 2017

Botswana Railways honored an invite to commemorate Teacher’s day in solidarity with teachers on June 02, 2017 in Tewane village. The theme for the occasion was, “Teachers: A Catalyst for Transformation in Human Resources, 50 Years and Beyond” and Mr. Kgomotso Mahupela, (Human Capital Manager) was bestowed with the honor to be a guest speaker in representation of the organization at the auspicious event.

The events of the day were preceded by a motorcade from Tewane – A1 junction into Tewane village and ended at the community hall where formal proceedings took place spiced up by sports and wellness activities before lunch. Village leadership and other stakeholders were present including teachers from Radisele, Tewane and Mokgware villages (RATEMO Cluster).

In his opening remarks Mr. Mahupela noted that he was overjoyed when he was called upon to be a guest speaker because it afforded him an opportunity to appreciate the people who have molded him into the person he is today. He said Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of students from elementary stage to the formative years of development, hence their importance need not be overlooked.

Mahupela applauded the devotion by teachers towards nurturing academic development and making what once seemed impossible, possible. He stated that the theme clearly highlights how teachers have and continue to be the spark that ignites a change in the people who make up the workforce of any organization and the country at large. “This is evident in the fact that before independence, Botswana had few educated people and the mass of the country was illiterate. We were also once one of the poorest countries in the world with very low literacy levels, but now we boast thousands of professionals and graduates and now counted amongst the most literate in Africa; a feat that cannot be ignored.”

In his last remarks, Mr. Mahupela said that teachers are the first point of knowledge that paves way to a brighter future and thus it is only befitting that they are accordingly celebrated and acknowledged notwithstanding the challenges they encounter. “Botswana Railways recognizes its responsibility as a Corporate citizen to support and promote educational programs that contribute to building an educated, informed, prosperous, productive and innovative nation in line with the Long-Term Vision for Botswana”, he concluded.


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