BR Gym Finally Opens

Monday, October 7, 2019

The buzz word in our corridors has become “summer bodies”, this after the opening of a state of the art gym facility by top employer and leading corporate in Mahalapye,Botswana Railways.Located in the heart of Diponeng, BR recreational gym is the newest fitness facility in Mahalapye.Opened earlier this month, the facility caters for both the employees, corporate and members of the public.The gym has advanced customer detection system, which only allows recognised fingerprints to go through the entrance. This therefore makes it impossible for intruders to gain access into the gym. It has got classes varying from aerobics, spinning and dances at different intervals during the day with supervision from qualified Instructors. One of the gym enthusiasts Gosaitse Mbulawa applauded BR Management for the facility, as it has right the equipment and highly skilled   Instructors to help everyone achieve their fitness goals. “Without a doubt, regular exercise can benefit your health, mind and body. Not only does it boost your energy, increase lean muscle mass, decrease your risk for certain health conditions and help you manage your weight, but it also improves your mood” said Mbulawa.The gym has affordable individual and corporate rates. BR employees pay P50 for registration and P150 monthly fee while members of the public pay P50.00 for registration and P300 monthly fee.Speaking at the opening ceremony of the of the gym, the man at the top  Mr.Leonard M.Makwinja opined..... “we are committed to transforming and building a better Mahalapye by investing in thecommunity with which we do business as well as promoting a healthy & dynamic workforce”. With the gym Mr. Makwinja believes that productivity levels   at the workplace will rise as employees are motivated, happier & energetic.Meanwhile BR Properties Chairman DR. Nkwae commended BR Management for funding the gym amidst many projects the parastatal has on the pipeline.

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