Thursday, August 2, 2018

It was on a chilly Saturday morning of June 16, 2018 when Mr. Letlhogonolo M. Bantsi, Botswana Railways Director Human Capital honored an invitation by Morale Junior Secondary School to be the School’s guest walker on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer.On that fateful morning the school’s management, teachers as well as students were joined by a team from Botswana Railways who all braved the cold weather and embarked on a 14km walk from the school, past the Cash Build circle, through Parwe, Mahalapye Main Police and Hospital and finally back to the school.The purpose of the sponsored walk as noted by the School Head Mrs. Sophie Thipe to raise funds towards the school’s annual prize giving ceremony scheduled for the 14th September 2018.While addressing the crowd that gathered after the walk, Mrs. Thipe expressed gratitude to companies like Botswana Railways who for a long time have been supporting the school and its initiatives.“Our relationship with Botswana Railways goes as far back as 10 years, just last year the school won an award for the best performing school in the Mahalapye/Shoshong JC Cluster, an award which came with P5000.00 as prize money which was used to purchase students chairs” said Mrs. Thipe.She further noted that such help came in handy as they were able to nip where they needed to the most since at the time they were in dire need of such chairs. Though they had a great year in 2016, Mrs. Thipe noted a great drop in students’ performance between that year and 2017 where the results dropped at an alarming 13.8% something which they blamed on students’ delinquency, a trait that is slowly robbing the school of its once great name.While addressing the students, Mr. Letlhogonolo M. Bantsi cautioned the students against such behavior and clearly explained the repercussions of smoking dagga, cigarettes and hiding behind the toilets while lessons were ongoing.“It is a given indeed that undesirable tendencies such as ill-discipline, characterized mainly by absenteeism and disrespect, would forever impede a student from realizing not only the sound objectives set by harm chances of success in life in general.He continued to add that although it is the Government’s responsibility to educate its people, the business community need to also play a role in the development of the children afterall they benefit from a well-trained Human Resource produced by the education system.To support Mr. Bantsi during the walk he was joined by some members of staff including General Councel and Board Secretary Mrs Kusigani Mbambo andDirector Finance and Corporate Services Miss Chelesile Malele. Botswana Railways donated P5000 for the cause.

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