Morale CJSS Dazzles in JC Examinations

Friday, September 1, 2017

Botswana Railways recently handed a roving trophy to Morale Community Junior Secondary School for their achievement of being the top achieving school for the 2016 Junior Certificate Examinations in the Mahalapye – Shoshong cluster. The Corporate Communications Manager, Mr. Kebabonye Morewagae was the guest of honor at the handover of the trophy which comes with a P5000.00 prize, that the school can use to buy anything they need.

In his remarks, Mr. Morewagae thanked the school management for their devotion in encouraging academic development. He congratulated the students and teachers for a job well done and asserted that with the solidarity of mentors such as themselves, the school will certainly reach greater heights. Morewagae implored the students to be inspired and most importantly stay motivated by their spirit of hard work and hopefully next year we will be returning to the school again to celebrate yet another win.

He encouraged them to rather than spending hours’ half working/half procrastinating, they should be focusing on how they can be as productive as possible when they sit down to work. “This way, every task on your to-do list will take less time, but the result will be of a higher quality. We all know how it feels to be inefficient, spending many hours studying without getting much productive work done can be incredibly frustrating, and is a drain on time and energy for students. Plan your studies and adopt the Pareto principle also known as the 80/20 rule, whereby you focus on the 20 percent of things that gives you 80 percent results and keep away from doing 80 percent of the things that only give you 20 percent of value in your academic life”, he reiterated.

The School Principal Ms. Tshipe applauded the 6 students who aced their 2016 examinations and noted that the reason they are here is because of their sterling work. She emphasized that the students used the same facilities as the current students and therefore it wasn’t a miracle that they performed well. She thanked the village leadership, Kgosi Letsweletse Gaopalelwe of Mokubatse Ward for the enormous support and the collaborative work of the PTA in the education system.

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