Moremogolo with Sakaiyo S.Baitshepi

Monday, October 7, 2019

I continue with my series of articles on etiquette and decorum, in the first instalment I discussed habit and drew correlation between it and bad etiquette.

The simple definition for etiquette is ‘formal rules for polite/good behaviour while decorum is widely defined as ‘good taste in conduct or correctness that is socially acceptable’. Today I want to address greed as bad etiquette. Often times we get invited to official and public events where we are allowed to dish for ourselves at meal times, oshh my God I have seen things. The rule of thumb is that if you know you have untamed appetite for food, it is always advisable to have something at home so that you don’t get too hungry at meetings. The good behaviour that is socially acceptable during mealtimes is to dish nicely, do not overfill the plate. Actually, you are allowed to go back to the serving point more than once to refill, this only when and if other people have had their shares. Gao o kake wa ipoeletsa ba bangwe ba santse ba fodile, ba ise ba je, this is a Big No!!

Like I said I have seen things, here and at other places.  The moment you see your plate messy, soup spilling all over the place just know that you have embarrassed yourself. In the eyes of the public you look and behave like a Hungry Lion. 

Society shuns this behaviour; it is unacceptable, and you turn yourself into a misfit or societal disgrace.  You have breached all the rules of etiquette and decorum. Normally the people that behave this way will always inevitably spill things onto themselves, it does not look good at all to stain oneself with food.

You argue with me? Just imagine Boss a ikgasitse dijo, how would you feel and what would you think of him? You will surely feel misrepresented! SO PLEASE DO NOTMISREPRESENT YOURSELF in the first place!!

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