Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Botswana Railways (BR) wishes to alert procuring entities and the public about an ongoing false Request for Quotations which are circulating via email.

Botswana Railways wishes to inform the public that this fabricated RFQ's are in no way connected, written or advertised by us. It is in this regard that we strongly advise you to ignore them.
Please refer to the following for reference:

  • BR tenders email address is tendersatbotrail [dot] bw NOT tendersatbotsrail [dot] com or any other.
  • BR tenders are advertised through the Botswana Railways website @ as well as on local newspapers.
  • The logo that is used is not the correct one.
  • The template used is incorrect, kindly refer to the previously shared tenders on the website for reference.

Botswana Railways strongly recommends that if your business receives an “RFQ” from the email tendersatbotsrail [dot] com or other, ignore this request and immediately contact us at oteng [dot] ndlovuatbotrail [dot] bw or 4717133.

Botswana Railways would like to thank its valued customers for their patience and understanding during this time.

For further information please contact;

Supply Chain Manager

Attention: Mr. Oteng Ndlovu Tel: +267 471 7133
Fax: +267 4712122
Email: oteng [dot] ndlovuatbotrail [dot] bw


Corporate Communications Specialist

Attention: Mr. Sakaiyo S. Baitshepi Tel: +267 471 7253
Fax: +267 4711385
Email: 177721atbotrail [dot] bw/infoatbotrail [dot] bw

Botswana Railways Offices

Mahalapye Main Road

Mowana Ward


Private Bag 0052




T - +2674711375

F - +2674711385

E - infoatbotrail [dot] bw
BR Express bookingsatbotrail [dot] bw

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