Strategy and PMS Change Agents

Monday, September 13, 2021

Following the Strategy Review, Management appointed Strategy & PMS Change Agents to spread the gospel of changing staff mindset from “business as usual” to “changing business” in line with BR Strategic trajectory. This team’s objective is to ensure full implementation of the Reviewed Strategy by ensuring full cascading, periodic monitoring, and evaluation of the strategy implementation within their respective departments. To support successful implementation of the reviewed Strategy ensuring benefits maximization of identified initiatives within their departments. To ensure smooth uptake of Strategic Deliverables and most importantly alignment to individual performance management contracts. They will be the Focal person in issues relating to sectional objectives and KP’s, coaching and mentoring subordinates on the scorecard deliverables and PMS including on boarding of new employees and most importantly to ensure transparency of the strategy through regular communication of the Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy and how KPI’s relate to them.

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